Op. Unholy Beast

Rookie Niel Morrison joins our team of Corporals, Kgasi, Kasumi, an Greg. The mission was to protect a data transmitter that Advent desired to destroy. There were several automated turrets to deal with in this location. We were able to use cover to get gain a huge advantage. Kazumi finished the scouting party with overwatch […]

Op. Night Beast

Operation Night Beast claimed its first casualty in the campaign. Advent forces were attacking a defenseless settlement and we moved in to protect. Our Squaddies Tatyana, Grog, and Beth were joined by Rookie Gretta Nilsen. Gretta’s grenade scored the first kill earning her a quick promotion. The mission went sideways when Greg was mind controlled […]


A new compaign begins. New recruits and new ambitions. Also new “Recruit” difficulty setting, but this is still Iron-Man mode, so every action counts. I also disabled the Hunter’s DLC, because I was tired of getting my face kicked in by leaders. It turns out there is an amazing amazing library of addons. I’ve picked […]

Operation Final Cobra

They’ve brought our ship down. Sent the armada after us. The fate of us all rests in the hands of five fresh rookies and three of our wounded veterans. Yes, even the veterans are pulled in for this mission, it’s all hands on deck. We hold the line against the first wave. There are grave […]

Operation Hell Fist (Video)

A special video debriefing of the latest mission Without any skill or knowledge I recorded video of Operation Hell Fist. The sound didn’t come through, and I fumbled the editing a bit. This wasn’t a large mission, facing a challenge of snake aliens and shock troopers. Both Cross Stone and Nike Deal II were killed […]

Operation Stone Knife

In an effort to redeem the “Stone” series of operations, we sent out to abduct a scientist working for Advent. We also have the option to eliminate the target, but we’re going for the capture. A significant amount of our budget is going into training new recruits. We put together our A-team for this mission, […]

Operation Stone Hymn

This started in disaster and went downhill from there. It was a night time raid on a convoy. Moving from cover we were able to take up strategic cover. All members moved to overwatch and our sniper Hong Blinn II lined the opening shot. What she has a 91% chance of making on the range […]