Operation Damned Rose

It was a timed mission, flawlessly executed. The plan was simple, extract a valuable scientist from the enemy and escape to the extraction point. These were the finest soldiers ever to lead the battle. 100% shot accuracy made short work of the Advent guards.

Screenshot from 2016-02-06 16-44-34.png
They never had a chance under the multiple firing arcs

Rookie Jobbs Tobisk was able to flank the final sectoid defense. There was no damage taken by any member of the team.

Screenshot from 2016-02-06 16-53-16.png
Jobbs taking the final kill

Senior member of the squad, Judson, was able to use his hacking drone to unlock the prison chamber without issue. Due to a misunderstanding of the mission clock, our forces made it to the extraction point one turn late. This resulted in a full capture of the team. Currently the team is not marked as dead, and all efforts will be made to recover the men and women left behind.

  • Judson Judson, Squaddie Specialist
  • Fury Du, Rookie
  • Jobbs Tobisk, Rookie
  • Huong Blinn, Rookie



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