Operation Night Tower

They said this would be difficult. They underestimated our enemy. With Corporal Pedro Skinner back on the active roster we had a good lineup of experience. He rejoined Corporal Nike Deal, Squaddie Judson Judson II, and Rookie Jewel Blame.

Screenshot from 2016-02-06 22-07-36.png
Judson reveals our presence with a grenade launcher

The target of our investigation was an Advent blacksite in eastern Asia. The perimiter was well guarded, but we were able to use a wide front line to pick apart any defenses. Judson stepped a bit too close to the automated turrets which we all quickly learned to avoid.

Screenshot from 2016-02-06 22-20-13
Jewels avoids an attack from a stun trooper, Judson cleans up in overwatch

Inside the facility was a vial of unknown substance. An armored mech came crashing through the ceiling along with a contingency of Advent. Once this threat was eliminated, Jewel was able to grab the alien project and we headed for the extraction point.

Screenshot from 2016-02-06 22-12-30
Jewels flanks a sectoid to great success

The alien forces seemed more determined than ever to cut us off. Multiple waves were dispatched. Eventually Judson II was overwhelmed and fell. Pedro was also injured in the late battle but was able to see the rest of his team to the extraction point.

Screenshot from 2016-02-06 22-10-43
Pedro’s blade was back on the field and scored multiple victims

Jewel’s astonishing performance under critical circumstances moved her into a specialist role.

Screenshot from 2016-02-06 23-04-56
The loss of Judson II and wounding of Skinner will leave a gap in the ranks

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