Operation Firestorm

Nike was promoted to Sergeant before we got started. The team has also been referring to him as the “Jackal”. On the outskirts of Beijing we are sent to destroy a relay tower. There is limited time and we must move quickly. (We now also understand how the clock works).

We are fighting in a residential area. Jewels and Nike took up roof cover as our team took out a security outpost between us and the target. We also had Bean Dedalus joining our team who landed several key covering shots.

Screenshot from 2016-02-08 08-38-37.png
Jewels cleaning the roofs. That grenade on her hip was crucial later on

The relay was tucked in the far living room of a house. As we approached through the garage a Shock Trooper snuck in and struck Gris Seeya with with his hand weapon. It wasn’t fatal, but enough to send Gris back to medical care for the next few missions.

The shock trooper actually caught us out of position. We had to take a chancy grenade throw into a cluster of our soldiers. Jewels threaded the needle and was able to bring down the Advent warrior without harming Gris and Nike who were behind walls a meter away.

Gris followed up with a rocket shot to the transmitter, which managed to blow through the walls to several Advent guards waiting to ambush us at the relay.

Screenshot from 2016-02-08 08-45-18.png
Corporal Gris Seeya harms three targets with one launched grenade.

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