Operation Stone Knife

In an effort to redeem the “Stone” series of operations, we sent out to abduct a scientist working for Advent. We also have the option to eliminate the target, but we’re going for the capture.

A significant amount of our budget is going into training new recruits. We put together our A-team for this mission, we need to recover from previous failures.

Screenshot from 2016-02-08 22-19-57.png
Advent had some impressive shots against us

The target was well guarded, and the open street combat favored our opponents advanced technology. Both Nike “Jackal Deal and Pedro “Enforcer” Skinner were killed before they could contribute much. Gris “Torch” Seeya got caught in poison gasses and took minor damage, but was able to recover after a little downtime.

Screenshot from 2016-02-08 22-32-45.png
Gris carries our unconscious target to the evac site

Our saving grace was Squaddie Cross Stone. He brought down the rest of the guards with some grenade support from Gris. Together they punched out the target and Gris carried him to the extraction under the scopes of additional reinforcements.

Screenshot from 2016-02-08 22-33-21.png
Cross Stone continnues his impressive tour of duty
Screenshot from 2016-02-08 22-34-34.png
We are going to need better equipment

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