Operation Hell Fist (Video)

A special video debriefing of the latest mission

Without any skill or knowledge I recorded video of Operation Hell Fist. The sound didn’t come through, and I fumbled the editing a bit.

This wasn’t a large mission, facing a challenge of snake aliens and shock troopers. Both Cross Stone and Nike Deal II were killed during the skirmish.

Screenshot from 2016-02-09 21-32-05.png
Rescuing the communication relay

The video turned out to be fun, but more work than desirable. If the squad is able to get farther I may try video of a key mission or two.


Back at headquarters we are now out of troops and out of funds. To stay in the game we require some tech upgrades for armor and weaponry. We’ll also need heavy funding to resupply and upgrade. Without these I fear we are reaching the late stages of the campaign.



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