A new compaign begins. New recruits and new ambitions. Also new “Recruit” difficulty setting, but this is still Iron-Man mode, so every action counts.

I also disabled the Hunter’s DLC, because I was tired of getting my face kicked in by leaders. It turns out there is an amazing amazing library of addons. I’ve picked up many new costumes and voice packs.

The initial Gatekeeper mission was flawlessly executed. I originally questioned Sato’s dedicated, coming to battle in a sports bra / vest combo. But she earned her promotion and moved into heavy weapons.

Operation Gatekeeper.png

This was immediately followed up with a second flawless win on Operation Bleeding Empire. Once again, Sato’s disregard for common safety equipment is tempered by her ability to operate the heavy equipment. Dubanza’s non-casual headgear may excempt him from social activities outside the battlefield has also impressed.

Operation Bleeding Empire.png

To kick off the campaign properly, a fresh batch of Rookies was brought in for the next Operation Star Hand. I’m impressed with this team’s ability, although skeptical of Petroya’s wardrobe selection. She’s quickly following after Squaddie Sato with her choice of heavy weaponry and light outer wear.

Operation Star Hand.png

We will bleed and triumph together in this iron-man campaign. Hang in there humanity, your last hope is just getting started.



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