Operation Firestorm

Nike was promoted to Sergeant before we got started. The team has also been referring to him as the “Jackal”. On the outskirts of Beijing we are sent to destroy a relay tower. There is limited time and we must move quickly. (We now also understand how the clock works). We are fighting in a […]

Operation Night Tower

They said this would be difficult. They underestimated our enemy. With Corporal Pedro Skinner back on the active roster we had a good lineup of experience. He rejoined Corporal Nike Deal, Squaddie Judson Judson II, and Rookie Jewel Blame. The target of our investigation was an Advent blacksite in eastern Asia. The perimiter was well […]

Operation Swift Prophecy

Nike Deal is back in action! His long range rifle was vital in the success of our mission. We needed to rescue civilians from an Advent assault. Other than our veteran Deal, our team was fresh recruits, Hong Blinn II, Judson Judson II, and Kanye Air. Our fresh team got right to business. Impressive performances […]

Operation Damned Rose

It was a timed mission, flawlessly executed. The plan was simple, extract a valuable scientist from the enemy and escape to the extraction point. These were the finest soldiers ever to lead the battle. 100% shot accuracy made short work of the Advent guards. Rookie Jobbs Tobisk was able to flank the final sectoid defense. […]

Operation Lone Saga

I was rejoined by Gris Seeya who’s adopted a heavy weapons payload. Our mission was to recover some tactical equipment to help uncover the purposes of Advent. We were joined by rookies Nike Deal and Judson Judson. We discovered these aliens can resurrect their fallen comrades, creepy. We moved down the main street making quick […]

Day 1, Gatecrasher

It’s real, there’s no turning back. It was a bold play to catch the attention of the planet. Open people’s eyes to what is going on. They look human, but the security teams are definitely not people. They die just the same under gunfire and grenade. I watched two of our own die this day. […]


History may never remember this day, but it is a new day, a new beginning. I can no longer abide the oppression and control that goes overlooked. Today my life moves to the edge. The losses will not be countable, but if I cannot accomplish the goals then I will clear the way for those […]